IPL 2023-27 India subcontinent TV rights sold for US$ 2.72 billion

The highest bids for the two most lucrative categories – TV and digital – in the IPL rights e-auction for the next cycle (2023-27) have been determined. ESPNcricinfo has learned that the highest bid in Package A – TV rights for the Indian subcontinent – was INR 57.5 crore ($US 7.36 million approx.) per match. Package B, which caters to digital rights for the Indian subcontinent for the same period, attracted the highest bid of INR 48 crore ($6.14 million approx.).

Both Packages A and B were bid simultaneously in an e-auction that started on Sunday and had spilled over to the second day. On Sunday, the highest closing bid for Package A had been INR 57 crore while Package B was parked at INR 48 crore.

The combined number of INR 105.5 crore ($13.5 million) has put the IPL among the highest ranked in all sports alongside NFL and English Premier League in terms of per match value. The highest bid for the IPL’s TV rights was 17.3% higher than the minimum base price of INR 49 crore ($6.3 million) the IPL had set for Package A. The corresponding number for digital rights saw a massive jump of 45.4% over the base price of INR 33 crore ($4.2 million). The combined figure is also 94.5% higher than the INR 54.23 crore ($8.47 million), which was the per match value in the previous IPL rights deal for 2018-22.

Based on 74 matches per season, the TV rights package for five years is worth INR 21,275 cr ($2.72 billion). Combined with the digital rights, INR 17,760 crore ($2.27 billion), the overall number of INR 39,035 crore ($4.99 billion) is 2.39 times or 139% higher than the worth of the IPL rights in the previous cycle for INR 16,347.5 cr ($2.55 billion).

The names of the winners have not been disclosed yet by the IPL authorities as the e-auction is still in progress. As per the rules, the IPL has given Package A winner automatic rights to compete for Package B by locking horns with the highest bidder in the digital rights category. It could not be confirmed whether the Package A winner was the same as B or whether the highest bidder for TV rights wanted to compete for the digital rights.

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