Kerala Government employees urged to wear handloom clothes on Wednesdays

MLAs too are asked to follow the same as part of an attempt to promote the labour-intensive sector

Government employees will be encouraged to wear handloom clothes on Wednesdays as part of efforts to promote the labour-intensive handlooom sector, Industries Minister P. Rajeeve has said.

Replying to questions in the Assembly on Monday, the Minister urged MLAs also to switch to handloom/khadi clothes on Wednesdays to boost the sector.

Earlier Governments had issued orders asking employees to wear handloom/khadi clothes on Saturdays, which was then switched to Wednesdays. But the initiative did not catch on as hoped.

Govt. purchases

It would be ensured that a percentage of the textiles purchased by Government departments/agencies were handloom, Mr. Rajeeve said.

Speaker M.B. Rajesh said the Assembly would ensure that handloom products form a part of its purchases.

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