Lamps: Viewsonic launches two new short throw lamp-free LED projectors in India

Expanding its projector lineup in India, Viewsonic has announced its lamp free LED projectors – LS500WHP and LS550WHE. The company’s new projector features the company’s third-generation LED technology that claims to offer high brightness and vibrant colors and 3500 lumens and 125% RE.709 wide color gamut.
The company’s lamp-free LED projectors claim to deliver better brightness than the previous lamp technology and also have greater efficiency, reliability, durability. The new technology also claims to provide nearly 10 times longer lifespan than traditional lamp projectors.
The newly launched Lamp Free LED Projectors LS500WHP and LS550WHE provide 3500 and 3000 ANSI lumens respectively and are claimed to provide a lifetime of 30,000 hours.
The new projectors are equipped with 125% Rec.709 color coverage, delivering true-to-life visuals with high contrast performance. It claims to create jaw-dropping, cinematic colors similar to a movie theater with Cinema SuperColor+ technology. In addition, the projectors come with a sealed optical engine with an IP5X rating.
The LS550WHE projector has a 0.49 short throw projection that gives users 100 inches from a distance of just 1.06m when positioning the projector. The newly launched products are equipped with horizontal and vertical keystone correction. Plus, its four-corner adjustment feature delivers a perfectly proportioned picture every time.
Difference Between LED and Lamp Based Projectors

Speciality led lamp
Deepak Jeevan 30,000 hours 5000 hours
color 125% RE 709 . with better color only ric 709 colors
Power instant on/off Need time to warm up and cool down
technology eco friendly non-eco-friendly
maintenance cost low High
power consumption low High

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