Live Cloud: Seagate Live Cloud expands into new territories, expands offerings

SeagateTechnology Holdings has announced plans to expand Seagate Live Cloud for new areas. The company also plans to expand the offerings including live cloud collection warehousing service and Live Cloud Marketplace,
seagate Aims to take the Live Cloud portfolio to new cities in the US, Oklahoma City, Washington DC and Dallas; United Kingdom; Germany; India; and Japan. Lyve Cloud is currently present in 10 regions in the US and Singapore.
The company is also rolling out the Lyve Cloud Marketplace, which is claimed to be a one-stop-shop seagate live Cloud validated partner solution. The Live Cloud Marketplace will enable customers to purchase tailored solutions from Seagate Live Cloud partners and access a unified procurement and billing process from a single platform.
Additionally, Seagate is launching Live Cloud Archive, a cloud storage service that claims to deliver total cost of ownership (TCO) without the complicated data management level or hidden fees. Seagate Live Cloud Archive provides TCO benefits with the features of Seagate’s flagship live cloud object storage service to support data security, mobility and sustainability. Archival-only cloud storage is ideal for large-scale video and image repositories, secondary data sets, backup copies, and any data residing outside of analytics or transaction-intensive workflows.
As part of the expansion, Seagate is also working to secure Health Information Portability Accountability Act (HIPAA) compliance certification in the US. The certification will allow the company to expand Seagate Live cloud service to the healthcare industry and medical service providers.
“To better serve customers’ data management challenges, we are expanding cloud regions, increasing data accessibility at metro edges, and with predictable and attractive cloud economics for customers’ large-scale data growth.” Offering Live Cloud Archive.” Ravi Naikoo, executive vice president of storage services and CIO at Seagate. “The Live Cloud Marketplace strengthens our offerings by making it easier to find and shop for partner applications that integrate with Seagate Live Cloud. We look forward to developing the market with more partners to come.
Seagate Live Cloud is built to enable multi-cloud independence, allowing customers to maintain complete control of their data, while allowing cloud TCOs to store, access and transfer large data sets. does less.

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