Live telecast of the New State Mobile ‘Play Erangel 2051’ event; Limited Time Challenges, Special Rewards

New State Mobile (formerly PUBG New State) recently released its March update for Android and iOS that brought the McLaren 765LT supercar into the game. This update also introduced a new location in the Erangel 2051 map. To celebrate this change, Crafton has launched the Play Erangel 2051 event. The event combines two limited-time challenges in the game with special entry criteria. Eligible New State Mobile players can participate in both challenges to earn various rewards. Winners will be based on points earned by the end of the event.

crafton shared description About this New State MobilePlay Erangel 2051 event on their official website. The event began on March 24 at 2:30 PM IST / 9:00 PM UTC and will continue till 5:29 AM IST / 11:59 AM UTC on March 30. It has two limited time challenges for players who come across the Erangel 2051 map. Players can participate in both challenges and win prizes.

Erangel 2051 Challenge 1 Description

New State Mobile will randomly select 500 players who were able to play Erangel 2051 four times a day for more than 3 days during the event. As rewards, players can earn 50 Pass Tokens, two Erangel 200 Cent BP Cards, and three BP Random Boxes.

Erangel 2051 Challenge 2 Description

Crafton will select 400 random players who were able to win Chicken Dinner more than five times in Erangel 2051 during the event period. They could earn 100 Pass Tokens, a Chicken Medal Bonus Card (+2) and two Royal Chest Tickets.

As mentioned earlier, the Crafton New State Mobile Play Erangel 2051 will decide the winners based on players’ statistics at the end of the event. Prizes will be sent via in-game email from April 7th at 2:30 PM IST / 9:00 AM UTC. Players should note that they may be disqualified if Crafton notices erratic behavior in the game, such as intentional defeat.

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