macOS Ventura: MacOS Ventura unveiled with new features like Stage Manager, Continuity Camera

brand new Macbook Air And Macbook Pro may have stolen the limelight WWDC 2022, However, Mac users can expect a lot more features as Apple showcased the latest upgrade – MacOS Ventura, Here we take a look at some of the key features that come with macOS Ventura

Stage Manager: Switching apps is easier than ever

Stage Manager gives Mac users a new way to seamlessly switch between apps and windows. Stage Manager automatically organizes open apps and windows so users can focus on their work and see everything at a glance. The current windows users are working in are prominently displayed in the center, and other open windows appear on the left so they can quickly and easily switch between tasks

Continuous Camera: Use iPhone Camera on Mac

Continuity Camera will give Mac users the ability to use their iPhone as a webcam. A Mac will automatically recognize and use the camera on the iPhone when it’s nearby—without needing to wake or select it. Continuity Camera brings center stage, Portrait Mode, and new Studio Light features to all Mac computers.

new features for Safari

With macOS Ventura, Safari gets the Tab Groups feature, where users can share their favorite sites in Safari and see what other tabs are viewing live. Users can also create a list of bookmarks on the shared start page, and even start Message conversations or FaceTime calls from Safari. Browsing in Safari is secured with Passkey, “next generation credentials” that are designed to be more secure, easy to use, and change passwords.
Mail app gets new features
Apple has improved the search feature on Mail with macOS Ventura. Users can quickly find whatever they’re looking for, including recent emails, contacts, documents, photos, and more, as they click into Search, even before they type. Users can also schedule emails and even cancel deliveries once they hit send. Users can set reminders to come back to the message at a specific date and time, and receive automated suggestions to follow up over email if there’s no response.
The iPhone’s Weather and Clock apps are optimized for Mac. System Settings is the new name for System Preferences and comes with a new design that is easy to navigate and familiar to iPhone and iPad users.

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