Man sets his electric scooter on fire after it breaks down in the middle of the road

Ambur: Unhappy with the performance of his e-bike, a man set it on fire. event pass ambur in Tamil Nadu. Prithviraj GopinathanA physiotherapist by profession put petrol on his e-bike and set it on fire. He was unhappy with the performance of the e-bike. He said that despite the company’s claim that the e-bike will cover a distance of 181 km on a full charge, it only lasts 50-60 km.
Prithviraj claimed that he has been facing problems with the bike since the first month. He had bought the bike in January this year. The incident happened on a day when he went to Gudiyatham RTO as the company had paid the registration fee there instead of his hometown Ambur. On his way back, the battery ran out as he was stranded in the afternoon.
Prithviraj said he requested the company to leave the vehicle there to pick him up, but added that they needed to wait for him and that he could only send a technician till 5 pm.

He said that he asked his assistant to buy two liters of petrol, which he put on the e-bike and set it on fire. Prithviraj posted the video on his Twitter account.
Prithviraj claimed that minutes after posting the video, he got a call from the company. “A few minutes after I shared the video, a service engineer called me and requested me not to give any interviews to the media and promised to replace the e-bike. I clearly told them that as soon as I was with their company. I lost my relationship with him. Bike was burnt. But he said that a team has already left for his clinic in Ambur with a new e-bike and promised to deliver the bike tonight.” Prithviraj,

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