Marooned residents leave vehicles on flyover fearing heavy rain

Residents who were marooned due to incessant downpour have resorted to using the Velachery flyover as a parking lot for their cars and two-wheelers, hoping to save the vehicles from rain damage.

A resident of Third Street in Ram Nagar, Velachery, said, “In 2015, the streets in our area were completely waterlogged. Our vehicles, parked at home, got submerged. It took several days for the water to recede, and by then, the vehicles became nearly irreparable. We had to spend a huge amount of money to get the vehicles ready. The water level this time too is dangerously threatening. So we brought the vehicle and parked it on the bridge.”

People from the surrounding areas have followed suit. The vehicles have been parked on the bridge in a long line since Sunday morning.

C. Amaldass, a resident of Seventh Street in Ram Nagar, said, “My car was irreparable after it got submerged in 2015. Then we had to spend a fortune to get the car back to working condition. This time, water was about to reach my parking area on Sunday night. I hurriedly brought the car and parked it here.”

Call-taxis and mini lorries were also parked on the flyover.

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