MediaTek: MediaTek showcases automotive portfolio in Connected Vehicles 2022

Leading Global Fabless Semiconductor Company mediatek showcased its latest solution portfolio and in-vehicle technologies in Connected Vehicle 2022 Incident in Bangalore. MediaTek gave a glimpse of its integrated solutions developed for the automotive market including In-Vehicle Communication System, In-Vehicle Infotainment (IVI) System, Vision Advanced Driver Assistance System (V-ADAS) and mmWave Radar Solutions.
MediaTek automotive solutions at the event included Kent Cami powered by MT8788, PV Technologies Smart Cockpit/In-Vehicle Infotainment (IVI) powered by MT8675 and Surround View Camera featuring MT8666 and two-wheeler smart instrument cluster powered by MediaTek by New Age Tech Huh.
Smart cockpit and in-vehicle infotainment: The in-vehicle modem is a SoC solution designed to automotive specifications and provides stable operation under high temperature environments to transmit data in real time and meet safety requirements for driving. MediaTek telematics and in-vehicle communication technology supports key applications. MediaTek Carrier Aggregation Technology maximizes network bandwidth usage and a built-in application processor allows auto manufacturers to offer more add-on services and applications. The Integrated Hardware Security Module (HSM) and encryption engine are said to protect network and data security and the integrated chip reduces system costs and simplifies system design.
Two Wheeler Smart Instrument Cluster: The cluster is Android 11 and Android Automotive and Apple CarPlay-ready to offer customers AI Quad an octa-core processor experience with 2.7 by 10-inch HD+ and FHD display support, on-board light sensor and IMU sensor, integrated 4G LTE and GNSS, dual-band Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 5.0.
Kent Camie: It helps customers stay connected to their family and child while they are on the go, using dual cameras to monitor everything that happens inside and outside the vehicle. This allows either camera to broadcast live video from anywhere in the world using artificial intelligence-based technologies such as facial recognition. GPS tracking and route replay offer easy monitoring of the entire route taken by the driver while live video steaming lets parents keep an eye on their family while driving. AI-based smart alerts provide frequent updates about the car, such as location alerts, geo-fencing alerts, AC on alert, unknown driver, engine idling, and more. Kent CamEye also offers two-way calling feature and night vision support.

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