Meta expands 3D avatars to Instagram Stories and DMs in India, rolls out enhanced avatars on Facebook and Messenger

Meta on Tuesday launched 3D avatars on Instagram Stories and Direct Message (DM) in India. The Facebook parent company has also unveiled updated avatars for Facebook and Messenger with customization options. Avatars have new face shapes that allow users to change their appearance with virtual characters on these platforms. The updated avatar also includes accessories for people with disabilities. The company is adding 3D virtual avatars to its platform as part of its push towards the metaverse.

The social media giant announces the addition of 3D avatars instagram Stories and DMs and the rollout of updated 3D avatars FacebookAnd Messenger India via a press release. The update allows users to create a virtual version of themselves. With 3D Virtual Avatar, users can choose the perfect facial features, body type, clothing style and more to create their virtual self. Virtual avatars can be used as stickers, feed posts and Facebook profile pictures.

“We offered more than a quintillion different combinations when we launched our updated avatars last year, and we are continuing to add more options to give people even more ways to express themselves,” said meta Manish Chopra, India’s Director and Head of Partnerships.

The updated avatar includes new face shapes and accessories for people with disabilities. These include cochlear implants and over-the-ear hearing aids in different colors. This also includes wheelchairs that will appear in stickers on Facebook, in Messenger chats, and in DMs on Instagram.

The company has also updated the look of the avatars so that they match the facial features and appearance of the users. Meta said she made subtle adjustments to some face shapes and skin tones. The company is planning to bring more customization options to the Avatar version later this year.

Back in February, Meta announced 3D avatars for Instagram stories and Direct Messages in select countries including the US, Canada and Mexico. It has also released updated avatars for Facebook and Messenger.

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