Meta testing group chats and voice calls in Facebook Groups: Report

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Meta Group is testing two new features for Facebook Groups with chat and voice calls.

meta is testing two new features for facebook group with group chat And voice calls, according to a report in How To Geek. The social media company is testing a new sidebar on the left side of smartphone apps, similar in layout to Discord, Slack and other apps that allow group-based messaging.
With the new sidebar, you can also ‘pin’ groups to the top of the list, a feature WhatsApp users may well be aware of. In Groups, you can now create chat channels and voice channels in addition to your regular feed. Group members can join and leave a voice channel at any time, similar to Discord and Telegram. Text-based chat can be accessed in both Facebook Groups and Facebook Messenger.
New cloud-based messaging apps like Telegram and Discord have seen a huge jump in popularity over the past few years. In addition, Facebook’s reputation as a trusted social platform has been dented due to several leaks of user data that have occurred over the years. Meta owns WhatsApp, but since many users move to Messenger and Groups these days because of the new messaging app, the company is trying to revive its established services that are suffering from competition.

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