Microsoft: Microsoft focuses on inclusive technology with new products

Microsoft Launched a range of products and features to make technology more inclusive and accessible in its 12th anniversary Microsoft Ability Summit, The company launched a range of products to empower users with special needs.
Microsoft Inclusive Tech Lab
Successor to the original laboratory opened by team xbox In 2017, the new Inclusive Tech Lab learns and develops specially for people with various disabilities. Consolidating learnings from the past five years, the feature works on new products, and is claimed to help visitors who participate and partner with Microsoft both physically and virtually in the product creation process. Better equipped. “It is highly modular, adaptable to a variety of projects, products and services, and is designed to demonstrate the possibilities of intentionally and actively involving products by design, including people with disabilities in the process of creating a product. It is intended to be an embassy for people with disabilities, not a place about them and will include a showcase of Microsoft’s accessible hardware, software and services, as well as experiences created by their partners,” the company said in a statement.
Primarily, it is an inclusive design incubator where Microsoft and the disability community can think, evaluate and design in which designer’s perceptions are also challenged to recognize the exclusions and barriers faced by people with disabilities.
Microsoft Adaptive Accessories
Adaptable accessories empower those who may have difficulty using a traditional mouse and keyboard to create their ideal setup and increase productivity.
While a traditional mouse and keyboard can pose a nuisance, these adaptive accessories have three main components that empower you to configure, 3D print, and customize your own mouse, keyboard input and shortcuts that fit your needs. works best for.
Microsoft adaptive mouse, It can be customized with Microsoft adaptive mouse tail And thumb support, or 3D printed tail, to make a mouse that actually works for you. The Microsoft Adaptive Mouse Core, Tail Extension, and Thumb Support work together to make a traditional mouse that’s lightweight and portable. Additionally, the thumb support accessory easily switches sides for either left or right handedness.
Microsoft Adaptive Hub: Empowering users to replace the traditional keyboard, the central hub can pair wirelessly with up to four Microsoft adaptive buttons (wireless), allowing multiple connections with less cord clutter. It also works with 3.5mm assistive technology switches and features 3 different profiles for use with multiple devices.
Microsoft Adaptive Button: When paired with the Adaptive Hub, the Adaptive Button can also be customized with your preferred input and various button toppers by choosing between a D-pad, joystick, or dual buttons, and you can customize your own buttons to fit. You can also 3D print the topper. your specific needs.

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