Microsoft: Microsoft set to bring a new design name to its Voice Recorder app in Windows 11

Microsoft Recently updated many of its bundled apps for this windows 11 OS. These include Paint, Notepad and Clock. According to a report by XDA Developers, the tech giant is now working on a new design for the same. voice recorder Application. The app will have a new design which is said to be in line with the latest Windows 11 OS. It is also likely to get a new name. sound Recorder, Before that, there were reports about Microsoft is planning to release the Xbox Streaming Stick by 2023.
New Changes in the Sound Recorder App for Windows 11
The new Voice Recorder aims to transform the user experience with an updated overall aesthetic that uses Mica material. Users will be able to see a visualization of the audio levels while playing the recording. These audio level markings will fill in the blanks that were present in the previous version of the app and will also make it easier for users to find specific points in the recording.
The new version of the app will allow users to change the recording device directly within the app. Currently, the Voice Recorder app uses the default microphone set by Windows itself. The new sound recorder aims to provide more flexibility to the users. Apart from this, Microsoft will also allow users to change their preferred file format for recording.
The new app won’t even include the command bar at the bottom as some of the options and controls have moved around. On the updated version the share button will be placed near the top of the window, however, the option to add markers to the recording will be available at the bottom. The new sound recorder will offer users the ability to import files into the app, with the current version showing only self generated files.
Users who can use the new Sound Recorder app right now
Currently, only users enrolled in the Windows Insider Program in the Dev Channel can use the Sound Recorder app. Other users may need to check for the update in the Microsoft Store to receive it or wait for it to update automatically. The new app is expected to be rolled out to other channels in the coming weeks.

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