Minecraft Goes Web3 With NFT Worlds Blockchain Layer Built by Non-Microsoft Developers

The widely popular sandbox-style game Minecraft, acquired by Microsoft in 2014, has received a Web3 update for developers at crypto-gaming project NFT Worlds. This is a project built on third-party Minecraft servers with polygon-based overlays and is on the Ethereum sidechain that provides low gas charges for users. Layer aims to create a Metaverse-like experience that is available to the 141 million users who log in on average monthly to play Minecraft.

The blockchain layer of NFT Worlds on Minecraft will allow players to access Web3 features, such as an online shop where they can purchase items for their Minecraft experience using WRLD tokens. Additionally, it turns the game into a similar world. Decentraland,

Users can buy land using cryptocurrencies, and since it uses Polygon, a cost-effective and fast layer-two solution for the Ethereum blockchain, users can take advantage of low gas fees. NFT Worlds has different non-fungible tokens (NFTs) that do many things.

something Minecraft’s The software is open source, which means anyone who has the right technical knowledge can build on it. Minecraft has no established economy like its competitors roblox Which has a strong virtual market and has its own digital currency called Robux. NFT Worlds Layer gives players an in-game Metaverse experience which is major news for fans of Minecraft and the NFTs.

“We didn’t want to ‘reinvent the wheel’ by making our own unproven game from scratch, while also innovating with it.” NFT integration and decentralized metaverse On the edge of the stage we had imagined. It will take a lot longer to deliver it.” Project Documentation states.

NFT Worlds has already made $90 million (about Rs 680 crore) in trading, even though it gave away 10,000 worlds for free and claimed it only made money from “royalties and secondary sales”. According to NFT Worlds, about 100 other NFT projects are building worlds in Minecraft using their NFTs, including MetaColor, Nakville, and Creepy Cream DAO.

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