Minecraft: Minecraft’s Wild update is now live

Mojang Studios has announced a new update for minecraft Play. minecraft wild update Now available to download for gamers and it brings many new features and additions to the already popular game. The update is available for Minecraft: Bedrock Edition on Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switchios, Androidand Windows – and Minecraft: Java Editions on Windows, MacOS and Linux.
Windows users can play both versions as Java and Bedrock for PC is out today (June 8). The Bedrock Edition update includes two free character creator items. In addition, the update also includes two new biomes — the dark dark and mangrove swamps – four new mobs – warden, gully, frog, and tadpole – and copious blocks including skunks, mangrove wood, and mud.
Here’s everything that’s new with the Wild update according to the official changelog:

  • New in the Deep Dark Biome like the Skulk Block and the Screamer and the Warden – a terrifying new mob lurks deep in the depths.
  • The Mangrove Swamp Biome has a new type of wood – mangrove trees – and a new environment to explore.
  • Boats with chests to make exploration easier without worrying about inventory space.
  • Frogs (and of course, tadpoles) are an adorable addition to the game and can create a new light source, Foglight, when they consume a magma cube.
  • Clay blocks crafted from dirt and water are completely renewable and offer new ways of building.
  • And finally, voted on by fans, adding new gameplay mechanics by helping players transport items to bases and builds.

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