Mobile: Battlefield Mobile Early Access beta is now live for pre-registered users

EA Games has recently launched its Apex Legends Mobile Battle Royale game on Android and iOS. Soon after, the company went live with the Early Access alpha test program for another popular title – Battlefield.
Battlefield is a popular first-person shooting franchise from EA Games and the game is finally available as an alpha test to select pre-registered users worldwide, including India.
EA started pre-registration for the game in February this year and users who have pre-registered for the game are eligible to participate in the alpha testing program. However, it is important to note that as part of the testing program, the developer will collect the necessary data needed to improve the game, diagnose crash incidents, and better communicate with players.
battlefield mobile Based on the same concept as the PC or console version. It is a multiplayer game that offers multiple game modes including Team Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch Small. victory And rush, all modes, except TDM The smaller one offers 16v16 gameplay, while TDM is the smaller 8v8 mode.
In addition, the game offers the option to create a customized loadout like we have seen on COD Mobile and battleground mobile india,
As far as the game mechanics and graphics are concerned, the game offers console-like mechanics and the graphics quality looks good too.

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