NASA’s Mars Rover Curiosity Shows What Looks Like an Alien Door to the Red Planet

We’ve been talking about aliens on Mars for decades. If the Red Planet has got something to show, Earth’s rovers will certainly find a sign of it – it’s been our belief for years. It looks like NASA’s Curiosity rover is already discovering some secret details on the planet. Curiosity keeps sending pictures from Mars to scientists on Earth. The current shots we sent in show a curious detail in the rocky areas of the planet. From the photos it looks like Curiosity stumbled upon a perfectly carved door among the rocks of Mars.

The image was taken by the Mast Camera (Mastcam) on NASA’s Mars rover Curiosity. It was taken on May 7 over a geological feature known as the Greenhue Pediment.

The picture is so convincing that we can almost believe it is the entrance to a secret cave or the beginning of a tunnel that leads somewhere. However, this may be far from the truth.

according to a report goodThe openings we see in Martian rocks can be misleading. While we imagine it as a human-sized gateway, it could be a gap in rocks that are only a few centimeters wide. The picture does not explain the size.

Don’t be fooled by Reddit users. Several users reported at once that this landscape feature could be a “shear fracture.” This can be caused by some earthquakes that put pressure on the rock and break a part of it.

This isn’t the only shear fracture users have noticed. Another user wrote, “Looking around the image, here are a few more shear fractures.”

NASA’s Curiosity has been giving us many glimpses of the planet. It’s not just about weird and scary images. We are also talking about the various tests being done by the rover. A few months ago, the rover was found intriguing carbon signature on the Red Planet. While this does not prove that Curiosity discovered evidence of ancient microbial life, it does raise the possibilities. On the surface of Mars, the rover is collecting samples of powdered rock. When scientists examined the samples, they found that many of them were as high as carbon associated with living activity on Earth.

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