NASA’s Parker Solar Probe completes 11th close flyby of the Sun, reaches a radius of 8.5 million kilometers

NASA’s Parker Solar Probe has again completed a close flyby of the Sun to understand how our neighboring star works. It was Parker’s 11th closest approach to the Sun and came within 5.3 million miles (8.5 million kilometers) of a nearly perfect ball of hot plasma. In comparison, the distance was about 14 times greater than that of Mercury, the closest planet to the Sun. At that distance, the probe experienced temperatures in excess of 760 degrees Celsius, NASA said. At its closest, Parker was moving at more than 580,000 kilometers per hour, matching the previous record as the fastest and closest object to the Sun.

Parker was launched in August 2018 to study of the sun external environment. It has four different suites, including a coronal mass ejection (CME), to learn more about how the corona works and how it affects the weather near our planet. Charged particles emitted from the Sun along with CMEs can affect our power infrastructure and satellites. On the other hand, these solar events can also produce colorful displays called auroras in the sky. Also, the corona of the Sun is of great interest to astronomers. This is where the flow of charged particles suddenly accelerates.

“Today, Parker Solar Probe made its 11th close approach to the Sun, coming in at a distance of 5.3 million miles from the Sun. At this distance, the spacecraft experienced temperatures of more than 1400°F.” NASA Said in a tweet.

The agency said in a second tweet, “The close approach, also known as perihelion, occurred at 10:36 a.m., with the spacecraft moving at 360,000 mph, which is more than the previous record.” matched as the brightest and closest object to the Sun.”

Parker Solar Probe was designed to repeatedly and rapidly approach the Sun at an astonishing speed of over 500,000 kilometers per hour so that it can quickly in and out quickly to avoid heat loss .

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