Nest: Google’s Nest smart display could have a detachable tablet-like design

Google It is reported to be working on an update for nest Series Smart Display. 9to5Google has reported that the search engine giant is working on a new Nest Hub, which is expected to launch this year.
The report reveals that the company is planning to take a different approach with its upcoming smart display by offering a detachable tablet-like form factor that will allow users to detach the smart display from the dock/base section.
The new form factor for the Nest Hub appears to be the result of the existing Nest Hub (2nd generation) and the Hub’s all-new features Max received in recent years. In a recent update, Google has added a new swipe up gesture that brings up a row of apps and an option to open a full grid of icons in fullscreen.
In addition, the Nest Hub and nest max It now also has a well-equipped web browser with Gboard keyboard that allows users to browse and send web links directly to the connected smartphone.
Whereas the existing software on the Nest Hub is good enough to deliver a tablet-like experience. However, it is still unknown how Google plans to implement the detachable smart display idea. Also there are many questions that still remain unanswered. For example, what about battery life. Can one take the tablet with them and use it wherever they want without base dock etc.
We’ll get to know more about the upcoming Nest Hub over time. Meanwhile, this idea sounds very interesting, if Google manages to implement it properly.

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