Oppo: Oppo partners with Microsoft to promote startups in India

smartphone maker Opposition Announced “Oppo Research Institute Accelerator” oriented towards empowerment of entrepreneurs and technology professionals working on innovative solutions for a better future. The company says the accelerator is based on the value of “motivation ahead.” Oppo has added Microsoft For startup As your strategic partner for the Innovation Fund.
“Oppo deeply believes in the idea of ​​’virtual innovation.’ Trying to solve some of the biggest issues facing us so that we can create a better world for all.” levin liuVice President and Head, Oppo Research Institute said in a press statement.
He further added, “With the gravity of global issues such as growing population, poor public health, and increasing digital divide day by day, we cannot rely on our efforts to provide solutions. That is why we have started the Innovation Accelerator to empower like-minded innovators to solve these big issues together by harnessing the power of technology.”
The theme of OPPO’s accelerator is ‘virtuous innovation’, which is looking for proposals under ‘Accessible Technology’ and ‘Digital Health’. Either individuals or teams can submit proposals, and up to ten proposals will be awarded a grant of $46,000 each. These proposals will also lead to further investment opportunities, technical support, commercial partnerships and publicity in events around the world during his visit.
Online applications for the 2022 Innovation Accelerator began on May 8, and applicants can submit their proposals by June 30. The winners will be announced after successful document review, preliminary evaluation and the first round of demos.

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