Play date between Bolivian river dolphins and anacondas leaves question marks

Dolphins are known for their playful nature. But have you ever seen dolphins interacting with each other while holding an anaconda in their jaws? Seems like a far cry, doesn’t it? However, a recent discovery showed that such a remarkable event occurred last year, leaving researchers puzzled. In August 2021, a research team documented some Bolivian river dolphins near the Tizamuchi River in Bolivia. The fact that these dolphins are rarely seen above the water’s surface prompted experts to look for them. What the researchers saw next, however, was even more shocking.

On examining the pictures clicked over the course of seven minutes, the experts found that dolphin A huge pigtailed anaconda was attached to his jaws. The study’s findings were published in the journal ecology, Describing the observation, the researchers said the dolphins were clearly having fun rather than trying to attack the snake. After looking at early photographs, while group numbers of dolphins were difficult to determine, experts revealed that there were at least six of them.

There is no definite conclusion about this behavior of dolphins. This is because dolphins interact with anacondas in somewhat different ways. They sometimes swam together in a synchronized fashion. For most of the time, dolphins stay within 70-80 meters or run 230-262 feet downstream, according to one report good,

There is varying speculation about the behavior of dolphins. The group consisted of male dolphins and juveniles. According to some experts, adults may be teaching young people hunting techniques, while others believe that juveniles may be eagerly present on the spot.

Another theory points to this amusing behavior of dolphins to be sexual in nature. “Later, we were able to see on photographs that adult males were sexually aroused while engaging in object play with anacondas,” the experts said.

Scientists are not sure what happened to the snake afterwards. It may have died because it did not move during the conversation and remained underwater for a long time.

The Beni anaconda can grow up to 6 and a half feet in length and inhabit the same part of the Amazon rainforest in northeastern Bolivia as the Bolivian river dolphin.

River dolphins are more difficult to monitor than ocean dolphins because rivers are muddy and difficult to maneuver compared to oceans. However, these photos are still a useful insight into how these mammals spend some of their time.

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