Portronics launches new gaming headphones, priced at Rs 1,099

portronics is introduced Producea smart gaming headphones Designed for gamers to enhance their gaming skills while being a thoughtful artist.
Availability and Pricing
The Portronics Genesis can be purchased in three colors – Black, Gray and Red at a discounted price of Rs.1,099. The product is backed with 12 months warranty and can be purchased from the official website of Portronics.com or other e-commerce websites like Amazon.in and offline stores.
The Genesis comes with a sturdy and adjustable frame that combines the strength and versatility of metal and polycarbonate and is built for extreme and prolonged gaming sessions. The company has added memory foam head cushion and ear cuffing for better comfort and exercise stress free gaming session.
Portronics says the two 40mm drivers produce distortion-free audio with positional accuracy that’s hugely beneficial for FPS games. The headphones come with an adjustable omnidirectional microphone that can pick up your whispers a bit but cuts out the chaos all around. The braided 1.8m nylon cable is built to ensure it can survive constant tugs and stretches. The cable has an inline controller for volume control and microphone switching.
Recently, Portronics also launched ‘Sounddrum P’, a compact and portable wireless speaker in India. portronics Sounddrum P It is priced at Rs 2,649 and is backed with a warranty period of 12 months. The product comes in two color options – Blue and Black – and is available on Portronics.com, Amazon.in and other leading online and offline stores.
Portronics Sounddrum P Speaker Supports the latest Bluetooth v5.0 technology, driving the speaker is a digital audio amplifier capable of delivering 20 watts of sound. The speaker is backed by a 4000mAh rechargeable Li-Ion (2 x 2000mAh, 7.4V) battery which, according to the company, doubles as an emergency power bank for your smartphone as well as giving you 7 hours of juice. can give

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