Premium: YouTube Premium: Its Cost, Benefits, and More

Like every online streaming platform, YouTube also has its own version of paid subscription plan called youtube premium, premium Membership brings together several benefits over a free account. For example, subscriptions allow users to watch ad-free content on YouTube, the ability to save videos offline, and more.
If you are wondering about the benefits and pricing offered by YouTube Premium membership. Here’s what you need to know about it.
YouTube Premium: Pricing and Plans
YouTube is offering its premium subscription in several plans. Membership usually costs Rs 139 per month without auto-renewal. However, if you choose to go with the auto-renewal option, the monthly subscription will cost Rs 129.
YouTube also has 3 month and yearly subscription plans. The 3-month plan costs Rs 399 and the annual subscription plan costs Rs 1,290. Please note that both these plans are not auto-renewable. So, once it runs out, users will have to buy them again.
Apart from all the above schemes, there is another scheme, especially for the students. Its cost is Rs 79 per month. However, a student has to provide proper proof of being a student.
YouTube Premium: Benefits
YouTube Premium comes with many benefits and one of the most highlighted features is ad-free viewing. This means that YouTube will not show any ads while watching. The premium subscription allows users to download videos for offline viewing and supports background and picture-in-picture playback.
YouTube Premium has a . also includes YouTube Music Premium contribution. So, a YouTube Premium member will also have access to the YouTube Music app.

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