Project to address adolescents’ issues to be launched

CHANK (Campaign for Healthy Adolescence Nurturing, Kozhikode), a programme of the Kozhikode District Panchayat to address the issues faced by teenagers, will be launched on November 14, Children’s Day.

The programme is part of the Educare project of the district panchayat and aims at creating awareness among children, teachers and parents about the issues of adolescence, health education and cyber security.

The programme is being implemented in 114 schools in the district, including government and aided schools. Doctors, counsellors and psychologists will carry out the programme in each school from November 14 to January 31, 2022.

Besides equipping children as well as parents to identify regular behavioural problems and solving them, CHANK is designed to help students get the required skills for a safe adolescence. Their diet, daily routine, exercise and other health-related habits will be monitored. The programme will also help students and parents cope with the change from online education to offline and will also give them tips to deal with the difficulties related to exams and studies.

CHANK was formed as a step to counter the mental stress that the children faced when they were restricted to their homes and computer/mobile phone screens owing to the pandemic. The programme is being implemented in four modules prepared by experts in the field of adolescent education. Resource persons have been selected and will be trained on November 10 and 11. Besides the classes, an online platform has been created for students to share their problems with mentors.

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