Property return parade organised in Belagavi

The District Police organised a recovered property return parade in Belagavi on Monday. Officers returned stolen valuables estimated at ₹8.58 crore, in all, to their rightful owners. These were recovered after successful investigation of 206 cases of theft, robbery and similar offences in the last one year.

The valuables include gold worth ₹1.32 crore, jewellery, vehicles and electronic items such as mobile phones. And, ₹1.2 crore in cash seized from offenders was also returned.

A large portion of the valuables were returned to owners after obtaining permission from courts, Superintendent of Police Lakshman Nimbargi said. There are some other valuables that will be returned to the owners through the police stations, the SP said. Additional SP Amarnath Reddy and other officers were present.

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