Qualcomm: When Will Qualcomm’s Answer to Apple’s M1 Processor Come

Qualcomm’s processors are found in smartphones, but when it comes to laptops, the chip giant hasn’t been as dominant. However, a new report has revealed that Qualcomm Will soon launch its high-end processor for laptops. In an interview with Tom’s Hardware, Qualcomm CEO Christian Amron revealed that its high-end processors for laptops will arrive in 2023. Earlier, Qualcomm had suggested that the processors may launch in August 2022, but it seems to have been delayed.
In the company’s quarterly earnings call, Amaron said progress is being made on Arm processors and that Nuvia-powered Windows laptops could reach customers by the end of 2023.
Processor will rival AppleThe M1 processors that are found in Mac devices. In November last year, Qualcomm officially announced its plans for an Arm-based chipset. The company then said that the processors would “set the performance benchmark for Windows PCs”.
According to reports, the processors are being developed by Nuvia, a chip startup founded by ex-Apple chip designers who were part of the development team of the A-series processors.
Apple’s M1 processor has performed quite well. The first M1 processor arrived in November 2020 and since then Apple has introduced a faster and better variant. The M1 Processor Now Powers Every Mac Computer Macbook ProPresent in the MacBook Air, iMac, Mac mini – and iPad Air as well as the iPad Pro.
Rumors are swirling about Apple launching the next generation of M-series processors. Qualcomm’s Nuvia-based processors seem to be a bit delayed and it will be interesting to see what further improvements are expected in the form of Apple’s M-series of processors. Currently, Windows laptops are mainly powered by Intel and AMD processors. Since the arrival of Apple’s M-series processors, both Intel and AMD have been working to make significant improvements to their processors.

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