Quardal 142: signs and answers for June 15, 2022

Quardal 142 Here comes another brainstorming puzzle for you. Are you ready to take the challenge and find the answers to all the empty boxes? If yes, then we’ve got you covered. Scroll down to check out today’s Quardle 142 hints and answers. If you want to guess something instead of going straight to the answer you can take a look at the hints below.
If you are looking for Daily Quordle 142 Answers for June 15, 2022 then you have come to the right place.
If you haven’t played the game yet then you should play because it is more engaging than other games. It is as difficult as it provides nine opportunities to guess the quartet of words.
Are you ready to guess the answers to the quartet using the hints below? If yes, then let’s move on.
Today’s quordal begins with the letter S
Quadrel 142 ends with n, k, k, and y
Best wishes! We hope these clues will help you to guess the correct answers to all the boxes. Quardle is another word guessing game similar to Wordle, owned by the New York Times. Unlike Wordle it is extremely difficult. Check out the answers below for today’s Quardle 142 that begins at the top left and ends at the bottom right.
If you are looking for Quardal Archives here is the list of answers:
Quadrangle: #132: Dia, . muggle, deign, wreck
Quardles: #131: Scope, Blok, Roach, Bongo
Quardles: #130: Splat, Savvy, Moron, Droso
Quordle: #129: skit, price, barge, there
Quordle: #128: Paste, Aglow, Rider, Where
Chordal: #127: Pluck, Grave, Midge, Juicy
Quardle: #126: After, Salongrade, mirth
Quordle: #125: lorry, ganache, swoop, present
Quardle: #124: Cavar, Turbo, Duchy, Parka
Quardle: #123: Cover, Morph, Twirl, Refer
Chordal: #122: Gaunt, Exert, Grape, Third
Quordle: #121: Allay, Crust, Coffee, Click

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