Rainbow Six Siege: Ubisoft’s Rainbow Six Siege players will receive Sega’s Yakuza-themed skins

Ubisoft has announced an unexpected crossover for its tactical shooter game Rainbow Six Siege, with a report from PCGamer that players of the game will soon receive new skins based on Sega‘s Yakuza Voting. Ubisoft also shared a video on YouTube announcing the crossover which you can watch here. The trailer video has confirmed that these skins will be available on May 24. rainbow six siege It has been one of the most loved games from Ubisoft and is still going strong seven years after its original release. Both fans and critics have praised the many improvements and updates the game has received since its launch, especially following the adoption of the game-as-a-service model. Rainbow Six Siege has featured in several crossovers over the years as the game has been consistent in providing content to its fans. This game is now available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox oneand Xbox Series X/S.

Rainbow Six Siege’s Jacob-themed skins: all the details
The Yakuza-themed skins will be for Rainbow Six Siege’s two operators – Echo and Hibana, which are defensive- and offensive-based, respectively. Iko’s skin will be based on Kazuma Kiryu, the protagonist and face of the Yakuza series. During this, HibanaThe skin will be based on a character from Yakub 2, koru sayama, Koru was the chief detective of Osaka’s police department and he was also KiryuK’s partner and love interest in Jacob.
According to the video shared by Ubisoft, the skins for both operations will be based on the appearance of these characters as seen in Yakuza 2. Both characters would use a special cosmetically decorated gun. For example, Kiryu’s gun will be based heavily on the dragon tattoo on the character’s back. The trailer video has also teased another Elite skin for the Echo, which is expected to be based on Kiryu’s rival. goro majima,
Rainbow Six Siege’s Past Crossovers
The last crossover to feature in the game was back in 2021 which featured a variety of cosmetic skins from a variety of sources. The crossover featured a skin based on Capcom’s Resident Evil and even Rick and Morty-themed skins, including a skin based on Pickle Rick for the operatives smoke,
In other gaming news, Fornite will be adding an Obi-Wan Kenobi cosmetic bundle to the game on May 27. Click Here for all the details.

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