Resident Evil trailer out: Netflix reveals chilling teaser for new live-action series

Resident Evil trailer is out. Netflix has unveiled two teaser trailers for its live-action Resident Evil series to pique fans’ curiosity. The first begins in the current year, with sisters Jade and Billy Wesker moving to the company town of New Racoon City to live with their father, Albert Wesker, a scientist who is involved in some shady experiments. The action shifts to London in 2036, with the Wesker Daughters trying to survive in the midst of a zombie apocalypse.

another domestic wicked The teaser trailer introduces us to the multinational conglomerate Umbrella Corporation, as it works on Joy, “an anti-depressant that cures OCD, reduces anxiety, and increases focus”. The only problem is that it contains the Tyrant virus, also known as the T-virus, which essentially created many of the monsters seen in Resident Evil games. We later see terrifying creatures – from zombies to a giant spider – wreaking havoc as the human race fights for survival.

The teaser ends with the chilling line, “So, we know what’s on the warning label,” which underscores the Umbrella Corporation’s nefarious intentions.

Resident Evil Netflix Trailer #1

Resident Evil Netflix Trailer #2

While both Resident Evil teasers are terrifying and disturbing, they don’t really show much context to the franchise as we know it. However, this isn’t too surprising because live-action Netflix series showrunner Andrew Dubb never wanted it to be “fixed” on the Resident Evil brand. Talking about the Resident Evil storyline, he said that the Netflix series will have a new plot, unrelated to the ones seen in the 2021 film adaptation. Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City And this Netflix Animated miniseries Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness.

dub told IGN: “I don’t believe a definitive adaptation of Resident Evil exists. I don’t even watch our show for certain. Resident Evil is too big to be defined by one thing.”

The Resident Evil cast includes Cena Agudong as Billy, Tamara Smart as Jade, and Lance Reddick as Wesker.

Resident Evil will release on Netflix on July 14, with all episodes falling on the release date.

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