Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 may not include this feature

samsung Galaxy Watch 4 was launched last year as its first Wear OS-powered smartwatch. The company is now said to be working on its successor, the Galaxy Watch 5. A new online report suggests that Samsung’s upcoming flagship smartwatch may be missing out on a feature.
Last month, it was reported that Samsung is working on including a thermometer in the upcoming Galaxy Watch 5 series. The report also states that this feature will help in early detection of COVID-19 and will also help in tracking ovulation cycles. However, now a report has surfaced online revealing that the company may not be able to add this feature in the upcoming samsung galaxy watch 5,

According to popular Apple analyst Ming-Chi-kuo, Samsung is facing challenges in including the thermometer in the Galaxy Watch 5. Kuo said, “The challenge in accurately measuring body temperature is that skin temperature changes quickly depending on the external environment. A smartwatch may not support core temperature measurement in the hardware context, so it must be connected simultaneously.” An excellent algorithm is needed for this to work.”
“Samsung is also facing this challenge. Contrary to previous media reports, I find that the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 in 2H22 may not support measuring body temperature due to algorithmic limitations”, Kuo said.
Apple was expected to include the same feature in the Apple Watch Series 7 that was launched last year, but issues with the reading algorithm forced the company to back its plans.
This means that users will not be able to see and experience the thermometer feature on the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5.

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