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New Delhi: On the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) website, Samsung has patented a revolutionary flexible smartphone with a flexible sliding display that wraps around the device.

The device will include a flexible display, which appears to be an extension of the main display which as per the patent description extends all the way down the middle of the rear panel. According to MySmartPrice, the flexible display will be slidly adjustable.

According to the pictures, the phone will have a rear camera and a front facing selfie camera. Surprisingly, the rear camera can also be used as a selfie camera. Furthermore, the smartphone will feature a curved-edge display on the front that extends to cover a portion of the back cover.

Samsung is also working on a dual-folding smartphone that folds and unfolds in both directions. Two hinges will support three display sections of the foldable phone. The dual-fold smartphone can be used as a tablet when fully hoisted.

The smartphone has three displays that can be folded up using two hinges, one on the inside and the other on the outside forming a Z-shaped design.

According to the patent, Samsung’s double fold smartphone will also support the S Pen and will include an HDMI connector.

Samsung is said to be targeting an early third quarter of 2022 for its next-generation Fold4, which will feature an advanced Under Display Camera (UDC) on both the internal and external screens.

The entire primary camera setup of the Galaxy Z Fold 4 is also getting an upgrade, bringing it at par with the camera quality of the current flagship.

In the future, the Fold 4 is also expected to include a hinge, which could help reduce the weight. In addition to greater water resistance, the new hinge will be certified dust resistant.

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