staqu: Staqu gives JARVIS a video enhancement upgrade

Stack, India’s leading AI implementation promoter, augments Jarvis with AI-based video enhancement technology. With this new algorithm, Jarvis claims to be able to identify any person or object even using a low quality camera or minimal bandwidth.
Most organizations with existing CCTV Systems are currently facing the challenge of low-resolution video due to poor camera quality or low bandwidth. This makes real time analytics difficult for organizations, as well as prevents them from performing automated operations or obtaining other actionable insights from such cameras. The new solutions from Jarvis aim to solve this. This will help businesses to explore different activities without having to innovate or make additional investments in their infrastructure. Jarvis, which has video management software ,vms) and Video Analytics (VA) technologies can be integrated with existing CCTV cameras.
Atul Rai, Co-Founder and CEO stock said, “At Stack, we have always been committed to undertake careful study to understand the pain points of our customers across various domains. We have ensured that all our facilities are robust, solution-driven and always in sync. Various We face infrastructural challenges across sectors. The latest advancements at Jarvis are a testament to our hard work, and we are now more confident to serve our customers as seamlessly as ever.”

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