Starlink: Starlink Internet will soon be available on cruise ships

Royal Caribbean Group looking to adopt Elon Musk‘s starlink satellite internet for users on its ships. The company is one of the largest cruise line operators in the world and has become the first to pursue such a request. According to PCMagazine, Royal Caribbean Group recently revealed its partnership with SpaceX FCC filing. The company also noted that it has identified “a true next-generation solution” for its cruise liner, working with SpaceX. It also noted that the “solution” meets “rigorous technical and operational requirements” in line with the company’s growth plans.
How it will boost internet speed on cruise ships
As per the report, the Wi-Fi download speeds currently available on ships range from just 3-5 Mbps. However, the adoption of Starlink is expected to upgrade internet speeds on Royal Caribbean’s cruise ships. According to residential users, Starlink is capable of delivering download speeds of up to 250 Mbps.
FCC approval is required to adopt Starlink
SpaceX is required to obtain mainstream approval from the FCC to operate Starlink on powered vehicles, which include aircraft and Navy ships. Meanwhile, Royal Caribbean Group has requested the US regulator to grant the license at the earliest.
The company noted that satellite Internet service on their cruise ships will “set the standard for other cruise operators” and will also enhance “the guest experience and business operations at sea.”
Starlink is set to come on some airlines as well, including Hawaiian Airlines, However, rival satellite operators have filed complaints with the FCC that Starlink’s access to moving vehicles would interfere with their satellite networks.
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