Strange Worlds teaser trailer out: Disney’s upcoming animated feature sets November 23 release date

The teaser trailer of Strange World is out, giving viewers a sneak peek of Disney’s upcoming animated film. The action-packed teaser trailer for Strange Worlds shows the Claude family landing on a mysterious planet filled with creatures and elements like Dr. Seuss they don’t know where they are. Jake Gyllenhaal will lead the animated film along with Alan Tudyk – details of the other cast are currently under wraps, as are details about the film’s plot. According to Disney, the animated feature film will release in November.

The 88-second Strange World teaser trailer begins with a sepia-colored retro-style Disney logo animation, followed by a video of a spacecraft flying over an alien planet with a message on the screen: “One beyond what is.” Prepare yourself for the journey. Of the possible.” The sepia-colored video then switches to full color mode with vivid colors and fast-paced animations. “Brace yourself!” A woman wearing flight goggles screams as the spacecraft explodes from an unknown surface.

“Travel to a place of infinite mystery of space and time,” reads the message on the screen, as the trailer cuts to the scene of five people and a dog looking out the window at the spacecraft. Many alien creatures are now shown, some walking on land, and many others systematically gliding in the air, as if they were swimming under water. The land is shown alive in some form, with a section split apart and “running away” as if it were a bipedal animal. “Where in the world are we?” We hear explorer Claude (Jake Gyllenhaal) say so as he interacts with a touch-sensitive blue creature that falls down a tree branch, only to be chased by the dog as he runs away.

The trailer then turns into an action-packed scene with passengers battling creatures on top of their spacecraft. The explorer rescues the clade dog from a creature that resembles an octopus on the ground, as he exclaims, “I’m not an explorer, I’m a farmer!”. The brightly glowing starfish-shaped creatures are shown spinning as they move from tree to tree. “We need to get out of here,” he yells, as the clade family is shown running down a path made by several gliding creatures, with octopus-like creatures chasing them outright.

“If you want to go back out, this is the time to do it,” says one of the passengers, as the explorer clad wears a look of wonder and asks “Really?” She laughs and says “No! Messing with you, come on! Let’s make history,” as the trailer cuts to another scene of the odd planet and its inhabitants.

The plot of Strange Worlds is currently unknown, but it’s more clear from the trailer that the clade family of explorers will have their work cut out for them as they navigate the unknown planet “beyond space and time.”

In Strange World, Jake Gyllenhaal (Nightcrawler, Brokeback Mountain) will star alongside Alan Tudyk (Firefly, A Night’s Tale), although his role along with other cast details have yet to be announced. This is Gyllenhaal’s second voiceover role after Spirit Untamed, which released in 2021. The animated feature film will be co-directed by Don Hall (Raya and the Last Dragon, Big Hero 6) and Qi Nguyen (Rae and the Last Dragon, Dispatch from Elsaware).

Strange World will release in theaters on November 23 Disney,

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