Street View: Google unveils new portable camera, smartphone update for Maps Street View feature

Google Map’ Street View Celebrating its 15th anniversary and to mark the occasion, Google introduces two new upgrades, one of which is the arrival of Street View imagery Android And iOS Apps. So far, only the desktop version of Google Maps Allows users to view Street View imagery and see how a location has changed over the years. Now, with the update, users will be able to experience the same on their smart fone Through the service’s Android and iOS apps.
To see how the feature update works, you’ll need to open Street View mode and tap anywhere on the screen. Now, select the ‘See more dates’ option, which will open up historical imagery of the location and, as Google claims, will show images for select locations as far back as 2007, helping users see a location over time How has it changed?
portable camera
The second update is the launch of a new portable camera that Google thinks will help capture Street View imagery in the future and update Street View more frequently. The camera is a 360-degree one and can be “attached to any vehicle with a roof rack and operated from a mobile device – no special car or complicated processing equipment required.”
In this way. Google will not limit itself to using dedicated cars and backpacks equipped with cameras (‘trekker‘) to the camera module.
“Previously, whenever we wanted to collect different types of imagery, we needed to build an entirely new camera system. But now, we can add to this modular camera with components like lidar – laser scanners – To collect imagery with even more useful details, such as lane markings or potholes. We can add these features when we need them, and remove them when we don’t need them.”, Google in a blog post added to
The portable camera weighs around 6.8kgs and is slated for a 2023 rollout.

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