Stuffcool Launches 3-Port Car Charger ‘Ultimus 115’ in India for Rs 2,999

tech accessories brand stuffcool Ultimus 115, a 115W . has launched car charger Capable of simultaneously charging MacBook/Type-C laptops, smartphones, iPads, tablets, etc. The Ultimus 115 will be available for purchase at a price of Rs 2,999 on and leading offline retail stores.
The Ultimus115 is a 3-port car charger with 2 Type-C ports and 1 Type A port. The Type-C port can deliver up to 65W of Type-C power delivery output, the middle Type-C port is limited to 20W of Type-C power delivery output, and the Type A port is capable of delivering up to 30W of power. , the sum total of 115W of potential power output from this car charger.
According to Stuffcool, the Type-C ports are equipped with both Power Delivery and PPS fast charging protocol, which enables it to charge Samsung flagship phones and tablets at their rated requirement of 45W PPS power from the Type-C port. The company claims that the Type-C port, which is limited to 65W output, is capable of charging MacBooks, Type-C laptops, and even a Nintendo Switch.
The second Type-C port is limited to 20W power output and can charge your iPhones. The Type A port is equipped with a universal fast charging protocol that supports up to 30W of compatible power output. It is compatible with QC3.0, Huawei SuperCharge and Moto TurboCharge charging protocols.
The Ultimus115 fits into any standard 12V socket available in all modern cars and comes with 5 layers of intelligent security protocols to protect the device. It is also fitted with an auto-detect IC to deliver only the optimum power requested by the connected device.

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