Teams: New Microsoft Teams features use AI to improve audio, video quality

Microsoft trying to offer teams A better experience to the users by improving the audio and video quality of the service. The tech giant recently announced a long list of features for its video calling platform that does the same. Microsoft Teams Using artificial intelligence (AI) to make meeting and group calls feel more natural. Some of these tools that use AI to enhance the user experience and are currently available include – echo cancellation, “de-reverberation,” background noise suppression and real-time optimization.
In a blog post, Microsoft Team VP, Nicole Herskowitz Said “disruptive echo effects, poor room acoustics and choppy videos” are some of the regular issues that affect online calls and meetings. He even said that the company has identified innovative enhancements in Microsoft Teams through AI and machine learning and now expects improvements in such audio and video challenges.
New features of Microsoft Teams
According to Microsoft, Teams will now support features like echo cancellation and “de-reverberation” that will help adjust to poor room acoustics. The video calling service will also offer more natural conversations and suppress background noise. Teams will also adjust the content you share using real-time screen optimization and even use brightness and focus filters to put users in the best light. Moreover, the AI-based optimization will also ensure that the videos look great despite the bandwidth constraints.
Importance of these new features
A room with poor acoustics can degrade audio quality, even if you’re using one of the best webcams. Microsoft Teams’ New AI Features Call quality is expected to improve somewhat by canceling out echos, reducing echo, and allowing two people to speak at once. The audio calling feature is also expected to provide a smooth experience during conversations that require back and forth communication.
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