The New York Times: Why the New York Times Had to Issue an Explainer for This Wordle Answer

Wordle Took the internet by storm in the past few months. so that the new York Times ended up buying it from Josh Wardle, the creator of word puzzle games. While there have been some issues that have been uncovered since The New York Times took over, a recent Wordley reply offered the publishing giant a detailed explanation.
The word in question was “fetus” which, due to current political events in the US, may be offensive to some. The New York Times published a note on its website stating that this was not intentional and was just a coincidence. The publication said that the answer was actually loaded into the game sometime last year.
“Feather New York Times GamesWe take our role as a place of entertainment and escape seriously, and we want Wordley to stay out of the news.”
Since words had already been loaded, The New York Times noted that it may be difficult to replace words that have already been loaded into the game. “When we learned last week that this particular term would be appearing today, we changed it to have as many solvers as possible,” read the note from The New York Times.
However, not all Wordle players will see the changed answer. If he had refreshed his browser window, he would have got the old puzzle.
The wording was changed as last week or so reports about the US Supreme Court’s draft decision to end abortion rights in the country sparked protests. Very unusual circumstance. When we acquired Wordley in January, it was built for a relatively small group of users. We are now busy improving Wordley’s technology so that everyone always gets the same words,” The New York Times said.

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