This hotelier is passing on his passion for surfing, kayaking

Hotelier Anish Panambur, 34, hits sea, practically everyday, around 6.30 a.m. at Tannirbhavi for a two-hour long surfing session. It is during this time that he trains students in surfing and stand-up paddling, and then holds kayaking sessions on the Phalguni river popularly called as Gurupura river.

Mr. Panambur has been doing this for the past year as part of his Waves Surf School and Cafe, located off the Fathima Church Road that connects Tannirbhavi ferry point and the Tannirbhavi 2nd beach.

“Hotelling is my main occupation. It is a passion for surfing and other water sports that has made me take up these activities by taking few minutes off from my main task,” he told The Hindu.

Humble beginning

Mr. Panambur’s love affair with the sea started during from his childhood when he ventured into deep sea fishing in his father’s boat. During one of his visits to Panambur beach from his house in Meenakaliya, he witnessed a surfing session by swimming coach Partha Varnasi and picked up surfing nine years ago.

Following the death of his father, it became his responsibility to manage the family comprising of his mother and three younger brothers. Among the jobs he took up included working as a lifeguard at Panambur beach where his surfing skills, and his traditional knowledge of waves, helped in saving many lives during his four years at the beach.

Two years ago, Mr. Panambur opened the cafe near the Tannirbhavi second beach. He worked for few days with Mangalore Surf Club and conducted several water sports activities around the city before starting water sports and other allied activities from his cafe.

As part of his training sessions, Mr. Panambur has been holding free classes for several local children in surfing, slaklining and skateboarding. “During surfing, I try to make students understand waves and enjoy the activity without getting panicked,” he says.

Mr. Panambur has been holding one hour kayaking sessions, especially during high tide. Among those who have undertaken session, include a couple from the city who used it for their pre-wedding shoot. “People call me a day early and I assign the session by observing the condition of the river,” he says and adds that good number of people kayak to de-stress and also as a weekly fitness activity.

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