Touch sensor: Apple may add more features to its Pencil

Apple Could introduce a touch-sensitive control to the future Apple pencil to recognize more gesturesAs the tech giant has been granted a patent USPTO for “Touch-Based Input stylus“According to a report by AppleInsider.
Apple is considering adding touch sensor for the stylus that will help to get the stylus touch input On the part that is the user’s natural grip space.
The patent’s abstract reads: “Touch-based input devices, such as a stylus, can receive touch input from the user. Touch input functions can be performed by a touch sensor, such as a capacitive sensing device. A touch sensor can be used in a low profile form.” Can be integrated into the stylus.
The idea behind having more input options with the stylus stems from the fact that while holding the stylus, the user is limited in their input options to a touchscreen device such as a touchscreen device. ipad, That’s why the patent has put the idea of ​​adding a touch sensor to it Apple Pencil Low profile form.
“Accordingly, additional input capabilities that are integrated into the input device will provide the user with extended input capabilities without the need to operate additional input devices simultaneously.”, adds the patent.
The patent states that such a stylus would be able to differentiate between touch input given by the user and ignore registered input, while the user is holding the stylus in its natural grip position.
Earlier patents for the Apple Pencil (December 2019) were about integrating haptic feedback into the Pencil for a more realistic experience of drawing on paper and the use of a camera to record the physical features of a surface Had to do.
The goal, in short, pushes the stylus to do more than it’s capable of right now. And the tech giant may be adding more controls to the Apple Pencil of generations to come. It is not yet clear when he will do so.

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