Touchscreen: Apple plans to bring the macOS experience to the iPad, here’s how

Apple There may be plans to bring a macOS-like experience in the future ipad Patent According to a report from Apple, a new patent has surfaced when the tablet is connected to an external keyboard.
According to the patent description and images, there will be a base device like a keyboard with a trackpad, which can then be connected to a computing device. ipad To bring a macOS-like experience together Apple Pencil,
Patent can also mean new apple device the future one will be macbook and iPad Hybrid. Apple may make a fresh effort to build a device that bridges the gap between the above two types of products and, at the same time, provides a budget price point for more potential users to try it out. When the keyboard isn’t attached, the device can function like an iPad with Apple Pencil support but when attached, the display can turn into a Touch Screen One, something the MacBook doesn’t want to receive in the future.
Tech journalist Mark Gurman speculated something along these lines in his April 17th newsletter last month in which he envisioned what the future of the iPad would look like. According to Gurman, such a device should have three operating modes: touchscreen, Apple Pencil mode and a Pro mode that activates when a keyboard or other display is connected.
It is a patent and no one can predict whether Apple will want to go ahead with it or not. But for now, a new, economical macbook-ipad Hybrids are something that tech enthusiasts will want to see.

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