tsmc: Apple may be behind in chipset upgrade game, claims analyst

Apple A16 . You can use Chipset Made from 5nm process only in iPhone 14. This speculation has been bolstered by a new claim made by eminent tech analyst Ming-Chi. Ku, He claimed in a tweet that 3-nanometer and 4-nanometer fabs TSMC Based on the Taiwanese manufacturer’s public roadmap of silicon processes, it will not be available for mass production until 2023.

ShrimpApplePro had made similar claims on Twitter earlier as well. Going by these, it seems unlikely for Apple to accelerate the arrival of chipset upgrades on the iPhone. This, after the lower-end model of the iPhone 14 was likely to be replaced by the A15, with the A16 being reserved for the top-tier model.
Kuo previously said that Apple would not offer M2 chip in its MacBook Air by 2023 and the company will use the same M1 chip In your upcoming next-gen MacBook Air.
So, if we choose to believe Kuo, we may not see anything new from Apple on the chipset side of things, be it an iPhone or a MacBook. Chip shortage being faced by TSMC could be a major beneficiary to further explain the reason for the delay. To keep things fresh and tolerate the slow pace of rollouts, Apple may introduce some changes to the existing chipsets it is using and use different names for the same.

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