TSMC, other Taiwanese chip companies comply with Russia’s export controls amid Ukraine attack

The economy ministry said on Sunday that Taiwanese semiconductor companies are complying with government export controls to Russia that have been imposed as part of sanctions on Moscow for attacking Ukraine.

Taiwan, which on Friday announced joining international sanctions against Russia, is a major chip maker, home to the world’s largest contract chip maker and Asia’s most valuable listed company. TSMC,

The economy ministry said it was following the Wassenaar Arrangement on Export Control of Weapons and Dual-Use Goods and Technologies, signed by 42 countries in 1996, to strictly examine products shipped to Russia Can you

“Domestic semiconductor manufacturers have also expressed that they will comply with laws and cooperate closely with government measures,” it added without elaborating.

TSMC had said last week that it would comply with all export control norms. It declined to comment further on Sunday.

Taiwan, which China claims as its territory and is therefore excluded from most international bodies and agreements, is not a signatory to the Wassenaar Arrangement.

But the government prefers to show that they are a responsible member of the international community by following measures such as UN sanctions on North Korea for missile and nuclear tests.

Taiwan’s exports to Russia are minimal.

The government on Saturday expected little impact from the war in Ukraine on supplies of key raw materials for semiconductors to Taiwan.

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