Uber will now show drivers destination before accepting a ride

Restless Uber Drivers canceling rides asking for your destination? This happens too often, leaving you stranded waiting for the ride home or office. Well, no more, as cab-aggregator Uber has taken new measures to prevent cancellations.
After dozens of complaints from customers and even drivers, Uber has implemented new rules to address the issues of both riders and even drivers. drivers has complained of.
Many customers in the country’s metros have complained that drivers ride too soon after asking for their destination or not turning on the air conditioner in the scorching heat, or even sometimes asking for an extra charge for turning on the air conditioner in the cab. cancel. , Meanwhile, drivers have talked about unsatisfactory earnings amid rising fuel prices in country.
To address the issue of drivers canceling rides, Uber will now show the destination to drivers to decide whether they want to go before accepting the ride, after asking the rider about their drop location. instead of canceling. The company says that this feature is already live in 20 cities and it will be rolled out in more cities in the coming days.
Most cab drivers in the country prefer to pay in cash, so you may find an instance where the driver may have asked whether the mode of payment is online or in cash. This is because it takes some time for the cab aggregators to release the payment to the drivers. Thus, drivers ask to pay cash Because they will have money in their hands. Or, if the mode of payment is online, the driver either cancels the ride or asks the riders to cancel the ride and pay in cash whatever amount is shown in the app.
Uber has considered this and has changed the way drivers are paid. The ride-hailing app will now show the mode of payment to drivers, showing whether the fare will be paid in cash or the customer has chosen to pay the amount through card or any other online payment method. Further, if a driver goes ahead with the online mode of payment, they will be paid daily from Monday to Thursday, and from Friday to Sunday, their earnings will be credited to their account on Monday.
Also, Uber says the company will talk with drivers to maintain quality of service during rides to reduce cancellations and prevent drivers from asking for extra money for any services, including turning on air conditioning in cabs .
Meanwhile, Uber has also hiked fares in the country by an average of 10-15 per cent amid rising fuel prices. Also, the company will pay drivers incentives to accept rides away from their current locations, which in turn will also reduce the number of cancellations.

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