Ukraine crisis: Official Kremlin website down amid Russian aggression

The official website of the Kremlin, the office of Russian President Vladimir Putin,, was down on Saturday following reports of denial of service (DDoS) attacks on several other Russian government and state media websites.

Ukraine’s deputy prime minister said the outage came after he had launched an ‘IT army’ to combat Russia in cyberspace.

On Wednesday, a newly discovered piece of destructive software, was found circulating in UkraineIt’s killing hundreds of computers, according to researchers at cybersecurity firm ESET.

Russia was suspected, which has been repeatedly accused of hacking against Ukraine and other countries. The victims include government agencies and a financial institution, as previously reported by Reuters.

Last week, Britain and the United States said Russian military hackers were behind a DDoS The attacks knocked Ukrainian banking and government websites offline before the Russian invasion.

Russia has denied the allegations.

Twitter accounts associated with the historically anonymous, amorphous online activist community that first grabbed global attention nearly a decade ago, have also announced plans to target Russia’s online presence.

Russia-themed leaks and hacks attributed to the group have begun to spread across the web – although as is often the case with Anonymous and other hacker collectives, the authenticity of the claims is difficult to establish.

It is not uncommon for independent or ideologically motivated hackers to jump into global conflicts on one side or another; Similar actions took place during the Arab Spring Rebellion.

On Thursday, Reuters reported that the Ukrainian government had made underground calls to the hacker to help support its Dalit effort to repel the Russians.

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