Ukraine’s deputy prime minister wants Apple to stop selling products in Russia

Ukraine’s Deputy Prime Minister posted an open letter on Twitter Apple CEO Tim Cook, The country has been under attack since Russia launched a full-scale offensive on February 24. In his tweet, Mykhailo FedorovUkraine’s deputy prime minister said he had contacted Cook and asked Russia to stop selling all its products and services. “I have contacted Apple CEO @tim_cook to support the blocking of the Apple Store for citizens of the Russian Federation and the US government sanctions package! If you agree to be the president-killer, you only need to Will have to be satisfied with the site Russia 24,” Fedorov said in his tweet.

Fedorov, also the Minister of Digital Transformation for Ukraine, urged Cook to block access to the App Store in Russia. “We are sure that such actions will motivate the youth and active population of Russia to stop the humiliating military offensive,” Fedorov said in his letter.
Apple has not commented on the letter from the Prime Minister of Ukraine.
The US has imposed sanctions on Russia under which American companies, including Apple and other tech giants, cannot provide any service to the Russian Armed Forces or the Ministry of Defense.
Meanwhile, Cook took to Twitter and said the company would support local humanitarian efforts. “I am deeply concerned by the situation in Ukraine. We are doing everything possible for our teams there and will support the local humanitarian effort. I am thinking of those who are at a loss right now and those who call for peace. Joining in,” Cook said in his tweet.

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