US Offers $15 Million Prize To Conti Ransomware Group Information

State Department spokesman Ned Price said on Friday the US offered a reward of up to $15 million (about Rs 115 crore) for information about the Russia-based Conti ransomware group, which has been used for cyber extortion around the world. has been convicted.

The FBI estimates that more than 1,000 victims of the Conti group paid a total of more than $150 million (about Rs 1,154 crore). ransomware payment, Price said in a statement.

“In offering this bounty, the United States demonstrates its commitment to protecting potential ransomware victims around the world from exploitation by cybercriminals,” he said.

The bounty includes $10 million (about Rs 77 crore) for the identity or location of the group’s leaders, and $5 million (about Rs 38 crore) for information that resulted in the arrest of someone who conspired with Conti.

Last year, the FBI said Conti was responsible for attacking 16 medical and first response networks in the US.

Price noted that Conti was indicted in April for an attack on Costa Rica’s tax and customs platforms that affected the Central American country’s foreign trade.

In February, the Conti group vowed to attack the Kremlin’s enemies in response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

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