Visual refresh: Instagram gets a new look, design: Here’s what’s changed

instagram Got a ‘visual refresh’. That’s what the photo and video-sharing platform likes to call its revamping of the platform’s look and feel. with him visual refreshThe color, typeface, logo and other elements of the brand will undergo a makeover. Here’s a brief overview of what’s changing.
Instagram shield It’s been given “vibrant colors to make it feel bright and alive” and a new typeface Instagram Sans will now be incorporated into the design. Also, the app will have a new layout and design system. Instagram says the new design system “centers content with a focus on simplicity and self-expression.”
Instagram says it has used an “innovative 3D modeling process” to make its gradients more vibrant and vibrant. “Through illumination, gradients indicate moments of discovery in our marketing, logos and even in-app as seen in Create Mode, Stickers and. instagram story rings. We’re excited to bring the Instagram experience to life through the energy of our reimagined gradients.”, said social media forum in a website post.
New typeface: Instagram Sans
Instagram says that when designing Sans, the goal was to “make the typeface globally accessible,” which it says is partnering with language experts around the world to make the typeface compatible with global scripts, including Arabic, Thai and Japanese. was brought for Instagram sans typeface “is inspired by the design elements our community sees every day – our logo and wordmark. From billboards to websites, our new typeface highlights our unique identity.” The new typeface will be part of Instagram Stories and north,

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