WhatsApp is reportedly working on a new app for macOS users

WhatsApp Reportedly working on a new desktop app for macOS. According to a report by WABetaInfo, the Facebook-owned platform is planning to roll out a dedicated app that will allow users to link their WhatsApp accounts to WhatsApp in Android or iOS smartphones for macOS. To recall, WhatsApp last year launched a Universal Windows Platform (UWP) based app for Windows users. The app is available on the Microsoft Store and since it is based on UWP, it can sync in the background and receive notifications even when it is not running.
According to the screenshot shared in the report, users will have to scan the QR code through the app on their phone whatsapp app First time for macOS. It is worth noting that it will be possible to link WhatsApp for Android to WhatsApp for macOS, and users do not need to switch to iOS if they are using WhatsApp on an Android smartphone.
The report further states that the company has improved the user interface for the under development macOS app. As of now, WhatsApp has not officially confirmed any details about the app and hence the release date is also not known yet. Hopefully we can get to see the new app in the coming months.
In addition, WhatsApp is also planning to expand the functionality of the multi-device feature with a new companion mode.
Companion Mode will allow users to link their primary smartphone with the WhatsApp account of another smartphone. However, switching to Companion Mode will log you out of your WhatsApp account on your primary device. Since this feature is currently under development, not much details are available on how this feature is different from registering the app in another smartphone. This feature can also help users migrate from Android to iOS smartphones.

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