WhatsApp may soon add this new message reaction feature

WhatsApp Recently introduced message reactions on the platform. This feature works very similar to the reactions available on emoji instagram And Facebook Courier. This feature allows users to react to messages. Users just have to tap and hold the message they want to respond to and then drag their finger to the appropriate emoji. Feedback appears below the text and is visible to all members of the group. Now the Facebook-owned platform is reportedly planning to improve the feature with more functionality. According to a report by WABetaInfo, the company is working on a feature that will allow you to view detailed response information for an automatic album created when you share multiple media files at once.
Currently when someone reacts to a photo or video that is part of an automatic album, the app doesn’t show which media file it reacted to without opening the album. The feature under development will help users to view the reaction on the media without opening the album.
As per the screenshots shared in the report, the new feature will allow you to view detailed response information by showing a media thumbnail next to the response. WhatsApp has not made any official disclosure about this new feature, although reports suggest that we will be able to see it in the upcoming beta update.
A previous report by WABetaInfo suggests that WhatsApp is also planning to add a ‘+’ button to the message reaction emoji bar that will allow users to select the emoji of their choice. As of now, there are only 6 emojis available for the message reaction feature – Like, Love, Laugh, Surprise, Sad and Thanks.
It appears that WhatsApp is adopting the message reaction feature of Instagram. The feature works in a similar way to the photo-sharing platform and it also allows you to choose different emoji to react to.

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